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How does renting a kit work? 

1. Go to our booking page: and check availability

2. Register and confirm your registration

3. Choose a membership ($1 for 1 year, one time payment)

4. Find a kit at your preferred location and book a date to pickup

Once you've paid and you will get a confirmation email with the full address for pickup.

Once you have the kit at home we will schedule a video call to go through contents, how to fit cloth diapers, wash routine and any questions you have. 

You must wash and dry the diapers and wipes before using them on your baby. Wash guidelines will also be included in the kit. 

You wash the diapers yourself at home and reuse. At the end of your hire period you drop off the washed and dried kit back at our location. 

What areas do you cover? 

We have pickup/drop off locations at:


Brampton, ON

Dixie & Queen

This is a residential address, you get the full address on booking confirmation

The Junction, Toronto

Healthy Moms Market

2953 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2

Pickup and dropoff during opening hours only

Pickering, ON

Bayly St & Sandy Beach Rd, near Pickering GO station

This is a residential address, you get the full address on booking confirmation.

Flesherton, ON

26 Spring St

N0C 1E0

Cloth Diaper Library HQ

Do you offer delivery? 

At this point in time we do not offer delivery. The kits are heavy (about 5kg/11lbs) and shipping both ways would likely cost the same as the rental fee.

How are kits cleaned between clients?

All diapers, wraps and wipes are washed and dried according to specific guidelines. This includes a prewash, a long (min 2h) main wash in hot water (60°C/140°F) with appropriate amount of powder detergent - we use Persil Professional Powder or Tide Free & Gentle Powder.

Our clients are required to use the same methods and detergents (Tide Free & Gentle Powder or Tide Original Powder are fine to use) for our kits with some variations for different washing machines. Every client is required to wash the kit before returning it to the library. At the library we check diapers over and replace or repair where possible. We then wash the kit according to the above procedure. Every client is also required to wash the kit before using it on their baby, which means diapers are washed at least 3 times between clients. 


We use this procedure as it is tried and tested by nearly 170 Cloth Nappy Libraries in the UK. 

If you are interested in researching this further, start with this study. Persil Professional, Tide Original and Tide Free & Gentle Powder Detergents contain the mentioned AOB (Activated Oxygen Bleach = Sodium carbonate peroxide = Sodium percarbonate).  

What's in the kits? 

All kits contain a mix of preloved items (and sometimes new items). 

Newborn Kit Contents.png

Newborn Kits

  • around 30 diapers

    • Fitted diapers​

    • All-in-Ones

    • All-in-Twos

    • All-in-Threes

    • Pocket diapers

    • Prefolds

    • Flat diapers

    • Covers

  • 1 Diaper pail + 2 diaper liners OR 2 wetbags​

  • a small or medium wetbag for trips

  • ~ 5 inserts/boosters

  • ~ 10 reusable wipes

  • ~ 15 reusable liners

  • pack of disposable liners

  • Diaper fasteners

  • Onesie Extenders if available

Here's a video walkthrough of what's in the kit


Baby & Toddler Kits

  • 20 - 25 Diapers

    • Fitted diapers​

    • All-in-Ones

    • All-in-Twos

    • All-in-Threes

    • Pocket diapers

    • Prefolds

    • Flat diapers

    • Wraps

  • 1 Diaper pail + 2 diaper liners OR 2 large wetbags​

  • 1 or 2 small or medium wetbags

  • ~ 15 inserts/boosters

  • ~ 20 reusable wipes

  • ~ 20 reusable liners

  • half a pack of disposable liners

  • Diaper fasteners

Do you sell cloth diapers?

We do NOT sell cloth diapers at the library. This way we can give completely unbiased and impartial advice about different diapers and brands. Clients who book a rental kit or a consultation receive a list of Canadian retailers, manufacturers and work-at-home-moms that make and sell cloth diapers and accessories. We also provide advice on where and what to look for when buying preloved/second hand diapers.

Can I donate my cloth diapers?

We accept gently used cloth diapers and accessories (pail, wetbags, wipes, liners, snappis, boingos). In particular we are always looking for Newborn sized diapers and covers, and accessories such as wetbags, pails and snappis. 

Please do not donate diapers with relaxed/crunchy elastics or cracked/damaged PUL layer. Unfortunately we are drowning in diapers that need elastics replaced and we do not have enough time/volunteers to fix these.

You can drop off or snail mail donations to us. For full details, please send us an email 

Toronto - Silverthorn-Caledonia:
Please email us for details of our volunteer drop off address/phone number to coordinate. 

The Healthy Moms Market does not accept donations due to lack of space. 

Please email us for details of our volunteer drop off address. Drop offs can be done any day between 9am and 9pm. There is a storage bench outside. 

Please email us for full details.  


What happens if I stain, damage or lose a diaper? 

Stains are pretty common, especially with newborn babies. Most of those stains easily come out if you hang your diapers in the sunshine to dry. If you cannot get the stains out after a second wash, please just leave them. Do NOT soak or treat them with stain removers, bleach or similar. We do not charge for stains in diapers that result from normal use. 

You cannot use certain creams with cloth diapers as they will leave residue that will stop diapers absorbing liquids and cause staining that is hard to remove. Please see our list of cloth diaper safe creams for your baby's bum. Alternatively you can use a disposable diaper liner when using creams that stain. 

If you damage an item and it cannot be repaired or you lost an item then you are responsible for the cost of a replacement. Cloth diapers vary in cost, from $8 to $54 (plus taxes).
As a rough guide most of our kit diapers cost between $15 and $35; wetbags cost similar; pails are ~$60 (plus tax).  

How long can I rent a kit for?

Our Newborn Kits have a minimum rental period of 3 months. This is usually the the minimum time that babies will be in Newborn sized diapers. This also means you can usually dive right into buying One Size Fits Most diapers after your trial and don't have to spend money on newborn sized diapers.

Our Baby/Toddler Kits have a minimum rental period of 1 month. 

If you find that cloth diapering is not for your or your baby, you can return the diapers early and receive a refund for the remaining days of your rental period. Please contact us at if you want to return your kit early. 

Provided that the kit is not already reserved, you can ask to extend your rental period in 1 month increments, for Newborn Kits and Baby/Toddler Kits. The normal monthly fee applies and must be paid before the new month starts. 

Can I switch kits during my rental?

If you have a Newborn Kit and your baby has outgrown the Newborn sizes before your rental period has ended you can switch to a Baby/Toddler Kit free of charge, provided that you return the Newborn Kit and pickup the Baby/Toddler Kit yourself. Your rental period will remain unaffected, it will continue as if you carried on using the Newborn kit unless you want to extend it. 

What are the weight ranges/sizes in the kits? 

Newborn Kits are suitable from birth and generally fit babies from 7lbs (3kg) until 20lbs (9kgs). They tend to fit the "average" baby from birth until about 6 months.

Baby/Toddler Kits are suitable from around 12lbs (5kg) until 35lbs (15.8kg).

They tend to fit the "average" baby from 3-4 months until 2 - 2.5 years.  

Our Potty Learning Kit has a very wide variety of sizes to account for the different ages when kids learn to use the toilet. It ranges from 20 lbs (9kg) to 45 lbs (20kg). So there are sizes there that would fit from around 18 months to 4 years. 

Are there boy/girl/gender neutral kits?

All kits include a variety of colours and patterns. We try to include a good mix but we do not "gender" our kits, so you will find diapers with diggers and dinosaurs as well as flowers, unicorns and everything in between. You can have a look at an example of the contents of our kits here and follow us on instagram or facebook to see some of the diapers. 

Can I rent a kit for twins? 

Depending on availability we do offer a Twin Add On for both kits. It contains approximately 
15 additional diapers, 4 additional wraps and 4 additional inserts. 



Newborn Twin Add On = $50.00 for 3 months rental.

Baby/Toddler Twin Add On = $15.00 for 1 month rental. 

When booking on the lend-engine site, you book the Kit and then the Twin Add On separately for the same dates. If you don't see the option of a Twin Add On please contact us and we see if we can make one up for you. 

Can I save money using these kits?

We've priced our kits so that you would be saving money using this kit full time vs buying disposables for the rental period. 

Our calculations are based on prices in April 2023, since then the cost of disposables has only risen, while our prices remained the same.

Newborn Kit calculation

The figures: 

3 months of using disposable diapers and wipes:  $249.27

3 months of using cloth diapers and cloth wipes:  $150.00

These are based on April 2023 prices. 

You are saving almost $100 with a cloth diaper trial kit!

The calculation: 

A newborn requires on average 11 diaper changes per 24 hour period in the first 30 days. Some actually need a lot more, in which case disposable costs will rise! But let's stick with this figure.

A newborn size diaper at Walmart in the "Econo" pack is $0.23 per diaper.

We calculated that in month 2 and 3 a baby only needs 10 diaper changes. 

This means a total cost of disposables for the first 3 months of life at $171.90

Add in the cost of disposable wipes with the following calculation: 


The first month someone has worked out you need about 1080 wipes, that's 3.2 wipes per diaper change. If you've ever used disposable wipes, I dare you to try and wipe a newborn poop with 3 disposable wipes. It's next to impossible. The next 2 months you only need 1500 disposable wipes. Costco brand Kirkland wipes cost approx $0.02998 per wipe. That works out to around $77.37 for 3 months. 

Your total cost now stands at $249.27 for disposables vs $150 for our Newborn Kit.

You are saving $100 with a cloth diaper trial kit!

One Size Fits Most/ Baby Toddler Kit

The calculations are similar. While you will be using less diapers per 24 hour period, the cost per disposable diaper goes up. 

Disposable diapers and wipes for 1 month = $85.59 

Our Baby Toddler Kit = $50.00

You are saving $35 with a cloth diaper trial kit!

Of course you may need to add in costs for hydro and water and some additional laundry powder but this should not add a significant amount, especially if you can wash outside of peak hours and hang dry your diapers. 

Once you have your own stash you will just keep on saving....

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How long can I rent a kit?
Can I switch kits during my rental?
What ar th weight ranges/sizes in the kits?
Are there boy/girl/gender neutral kits?
Can I rent a kit for twins?
Can I save money using these kits?
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