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You already have a stash of cloth diapers but have no idea what is what and if it will work for you?

You don't want to rent a kit and need help on what, how much and where to buy?

You started cloth diapering but are struggling with leaks, stains or smells?

You have day time nailed but need help with night time cloth diaper solutions?

You only want to use vegan/organic/natural/plastic-free materials?

A Cloth Diaper Consultation is a super tailored video call where we...


Walk you through washing, drying and storing routines that will work for YOU

Look at what you have, what condition it's in, what you might still need

Show you how to make the most out of what you have

Go through what to look for when buying preloved diapers

Provide easy step by step guides to remedy problems

Show you how to fit cloth diapers 

Provide you with a list of manufacturers and retailers sorted by local (GTA), Ontario based/Canadian based, made in Canada

Provide you with resources to help your get started or get back to cloth

Provide judgement-free advice, because there is NO single right way to do things!

We may not have time to talk about ALL of these things but focus on what you need help with!

1 hour video call
(Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp, Signal)


PDF resources to keep
(retailers, wash routines, second hand guide,...)

30 days ongoing support via email
(or Text, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Signal)


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