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We're run by volunteers and donations help us provide kits to more parents and spread the cloth love! We love receiving donations of diapers and accessories in good condition! You can mail them to us, drop them off at our location in Brampton, ON (please email for full address) or we can often pick them up if you're in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Reasons to Donate your Cloth Diaper Stash

You want other parents to have an opportunity to try cloth diapers in an accessible and easy way.

You didn't get to use your cloth diapers but want other people to benefit from them.

You want your cloth diapers to be able to continue to save disposables from landfill.

You want that warm and fuzzy feeling of having done something nice today!

What can I donate? 

We are grateful for any donation to the library. We always need the following: 

Cloth Wipes


Cloth Diaper Pails and liners

Newborn Diapers

 Fitted Diapers


Flat Diapers 


Liners (reusable or disposable)

Diaper Fasteners

Cotton, Bamboo or Hemp Inserts

What we cannot accept

We cannot accept wool items to go into kits because they cannot be washed on hot.

We CAN accept them if you are happy for us to sell them in order to use the proceeds to purchase other necessities for the library. 

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