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How to ask for cloth diapers without asking for cloth diapers

Want to cloth diaper but no one wants to buy you any for your baby registry, because they don't "believe" in them or "insert silly reason here"

What to ask for to get you started on your journey without asking outright for cloth diapers

You've decided you want to give cloth diapering a go. You've done the research, joined all the groups, read all the websites, follow all the social media accounts (here's one of ours just in case, but your family and friends aren't supportive of your cloth diaper goal and don't want to buy you cloth diapers or maybe you just have a feeling that no one will buy those beautiful All-in-Ones you have on your registry list...

Here are some items you can ask for that will still be useful on your journey:

#1 - Burpcloths aka Prefolds

Just call it a set of burpcloths. After all that is what some people use them for, as well as change mat protector. I recommend going for a medium size, they're the most versatile. They may not work for a new born baby as they're too bulky but they really come into their own when your baby is a bit older. You can fold them around your baby, secure and put a wrap (cover) over or fold into a rectangle/pad shape and lay them inside a wrap or as an insert in a pocket diaper. And of course, you can use them as burpcloths ;) Look for 100% cotton or bamboo/cotton mix. AMP baby prefolds are a great Canadian option.

Watch our video on how to fit prefolds .

#2 - Washcloths

Kushies wash cloths baby wash
Wash cloths are super useful - these are from Canadian company Kushies.

You can ask for cute ones, big ones, small ones. You can never have enough washcloths (15 is a start, more is great). They can completely replace disposable wipes and they will be doing a better job at cleaning up, too! For a newborn you can also use them as an insert in a pocket diaper or as a booster. There are beautiful ones made by Work at Home Moms, or cheap and cheerful ones from Walmart or IKEA and anything in between. As long as they're made from cotton, bamboo or hemp, they'll be doing a great job! Later on, they are useful for cleaning dirty hands and faces!

#3 - Muslin blankets or swaddles

Aden + Anais muslin swaddles

Not only can you find gorgeous designs for these, but they make very economical diapers! If you plan to cloth diaper straight from birth, try sizes around 60 x 60 cm or 24 x 24 in. For 3 months and up, go with 70 x 70 cm or 28 x 28 in. But even larger sizes can still be used as diapers, especially for overnight. They're also super handy to wipe up spills, spit up, snotty noses, wet playground slides. Use them as a makeshift picnic blanket, sun shade, lovey for your baby and of course as a swaddle. These must be one of the most versatile items ever so don't dismiss a mountain of muslins! Along with muslins, many companies now also make knit swaddles. More like stretchy t-shirt material. Sizing advice is the same as for muslins although the larger knit swaddles will only work for toddlers as they tend to bulk up more than muslin. But then you essentially have a stretchy flat. Often the 2 are very similar materials (cotton with a bit of elastan, lycra or nylon content). Below is our fit guide on how to put muslin cloth diapers on your baby.

#4 - A multi use diaper pail

Not the most glamorous of gifts but useful nonetheless. Some pails work for disposables and cloth. Ubbi steel diaper pails and Dekor Plus make washable liners that fit in their pails so you can use them with cloth diapers.

# 6 - Diaper Covers

La Petite Ourse OS Cover

This one may be harder to smuggle in to your registry, but no harm in trying! Just call them colourful diaper covers and see if you can get away with it. In fact, using a cover over a disposable is a great way to make it a bit more leakproof, great for long journeys, car seats, overnight, etc. After all, a more leakproof disposable is also a small way to lessen your waste! Mother-ease make some great covers in different sizes. For a one size fits most, try La Petite Ourse OS Covers.

#7 - Wetbags

Get at least 1 medium wetbag on your list. They're useful for putting used diapers in, but also swimming costumes, wipes, dirty baby clothes,... when you're out and about. Larger wetbags can also be used instead of a pail if you have a small space. Small wetbags are handy for snacks, toys, wipes, sunscreen, masks. All the little things you'd otherwise lose in your bag. Colibri are a great company that focus on wetbags, for a more economic option and great XL sizes, go for Rig n Gig. If you want super long lasting, sturdy - go for Planet Wise, they are double lined and have an extra polyester outer.

Colibri Wetbag

#8 Swim Diapers

Mother-ease reusable swim diaper

For some reason people often find reusable swim diapers more acceptable. So, make use of that and get your baby some washable swim diapers! I like to call them the "gateway drug to cloth diapering" as they're a great intro to cloth! The idea behind them is that they let the pee through but keep in the solids!

Lil Helper and Mother-ease both make super cute swim diapers!

#9 - Gift cards for baby stores

This is an easy way out and may not work for every person/list as some people just want to buy an actual gift vs a gift card. All of the great baby stores that just so happen to sell cloth diapers (what a coincidence!) are listed in our pdf "Manufacturers and Retailers in Canada". You can download the list here for free in our Ko-Fi shop.

What you will still need

At a minimum you will still need some form of fastening your diapers (a snappi, boingo or pins) and some covers for the muslins and prefolds if trick #6 didn't work. You may also need a cloth diaper liner if you've got a pail or an XL wetbag if you didn't receive any of those items.

If this flats/muslins/prefolds and cover style of cloth diaper isn't for you, then you will need to buy a different system (or try them all out first to see which one works best with a rental kit from us) but all of the things on this list will still come in handy even if you don't use them as diapers! You will save money long term because you're not using disposable change table protectors, wipes, paper towels, cleaning cloths, ...

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