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The Cloth Diaper Library is a social enterprise that helps parents who want to use reusable diapers by offering an accessible and affordable way to try cloth diapers and provide advice in case of any questions or issues.

We are run by volunteers and re-invest any profit back into the library to help more people gain access to try cloth diapers. 

I'm Claudia, the founder of the Cloth Diaper Library. When I was pregnant with my first we lived in London, UK. I talked to a volunteer for our local cloth nappy library there ( and hired a newborn kit from them. The routine of washing and hang drying our cloth diapers in the really early days was one of the things that kept me feeling like I was doing something good for my baby when all other things didn't - he was born small and breastfeeding was a continuous struggle, I often set an alarm at night to pump but then was too tired to do it.

I found the most supportive and judgement-free community in fellow cloth diaper moms and it really helped me find my tribe!  

There are around 170 cloth nappy libraries in the UK and when we moved to Canada I only found a handful dotted across this big country. So I decided to start one for the Greater Toronto Area and bring the joy of cloth to more parents! 

Cloth diapering doesn't mean you have to boil your diapers on the stove, do complicated origami shapes with towels, stab your fingers with diaper pins and wrangle old fashioned rubber pants onto your baby. Of course, if you really want to, you can still do most of those things, except maybe boil your diapers, who's got time for that?!

Modern cloth diapers are full of variety, different colours and designs and are easy to use. There is a cloth diaper out there for you, too! 

We have an inclusive approach to cloth diapering. While we will always try and help you use cloth full time if that's what you want to do, we will support you if you choose to only cloth  during the day or only at night, only when your baby is older, only at the weekend or any other combination - we'll help you make it work. 

There is no single way to do this right and there is no cloth diaper police! 

Our mission is to #makeclothmainstream ! 

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