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Thinking about reusable diapers for your baby? 

Are you overloaded by information and advice and don't know where to start?

Are you currently using cloth diapers but you're struggling and don't want to blindly buy other types that might not work either? 


At the Cloth Diaper Library you can rent kits and try out ALL the cloth diaper types and different brands at home. The kits come with everything needed. We include a virtual walkthrough where we go through the basics and if you have problems during the trial, you can email, text, WhatsApp or Signal us anytime for help. 

At the end of the rental period you will have a clear idea what fits your baby, your lifestyle and your budget and you'll have the knowledge of where and what to buy. 

If you already have a ton of cloth diapers but don’t know what they are and how to use them - we offer a virtual Cloth Diaper Consultation to get you started!

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Cloth diaper trial kits for newborns and babies & toddlers

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Cloth Diaper Consultation
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Questions about the service?
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How to...
(Cloth Diaper
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