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Looking for Testers

Want to trial our new postal kit for free? Read on: 


We are looking for 4 x parent(s) or caregiver(s) who want to try out our postal kit for free in return for detailed feedback and photos or videos we can use for our website and/or social media and other marketing materials. Photos or videos of your baby in a cloth diaper are absolutely not required to take part. You can be a cloth newbie or seasoned cloth diaperer. 

What we offer:

  • We have 2 Newborn Kits, 1 Baby/Toddler (One Size Fits Most) and 1 Potty Learning Kit available to test.

  • We will ship the kits to any address in Canada that can receive Canada Post deliveries. 

  • You get to try out cloth diapers for 3 months for free

  • We will provide you with a virtual walkthrough

  • The kit comes with tons of resources and quick reference guides

  • You will have support throughout the rental period, you can text, whatsapp, signal message, or email us at any time

  • At the end of the rental period we will cover the return postage back to us. 


What we need from you:

  • You can start using the kit in October 2023 (e.g. your due date is in October or earlier)

  • Tell us which kit you are applying for (size guides are here)

  • You buy or have your own powder detergent (Tide or Tide Free & Gentle - others are usually fine too, but please let us know beforehand)

  • You fill out a pre-rental and post-rental questionnaire

  • You have time for a virtual walkthrough (takes approx 1 hour)

  • You give us feedback in writing. This should cover the booking process, the automated emails, kit contents, the quick reference guides and pdf resources, the virtual walkthrough, the return shipping process (we cover the cost)

  • You send us a photo or video or create content online at least once per month that we can use in our marketing material and social media. While it's always nice to see a cloth bum, it's absolutely not required to include your baby in the photo. You can crop out or cover their face or other body parts. Or you can take photos of your diapers in the washer, on the line, how you store them, what you're planning to use that day, a particular diaper, and so on.

  • If you are making any social media post or video or other content including parts of the kit you will check with us beforehand and also tag our accounts when you publish 


Sign up below or send us an email at

Postal Kit Tester Sign Up

Thank you - we will be in touch.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting submissions for kit testers. If you want to book a cloth diaper kit head to

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